Say Goodbye to Telephones and Hello to VoIP

In the past few decades, the way of communication has drastically changed. Before people only could communicate through landlines and pagers, then cell phones came to light, and now we enjoy video calls. Who knows what kind of technology will prevail in the next few years? However, the use of landline phones has rapidly declined even in companies. The Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has largely filled the gap, if not much better, of landline phones.

What is a VoIP? A Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows us to make calls using the internet connection instead of regular phone lines, such as in analog phones. Companies and households have saved significant amounts of money on telephone bills, especially with long-distance calls. So what are the ways you can make a call using VoIP?

switching from telephone to voip
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VoIP Phone to Analog Phone and Vice Versa

VoIP calling on any kind of phone is possible, whether a mobile phone or analog phone, and vice versa. It may be costly for analog or mobile phone users to call a VoIP system, but it’s much more affordable the other way around. Also, if you have an analog phone, you can use it to place VoIP calls.

All you need is to install an analog telephone adapter (ATA). Using an analog telephone adapter, you can connect your phone to the internet directly or through a computer. The ATA works by converting the voice data into a digital format to be sent over a network or internet.

Typically, VoIP companies offer a bundle package of free analog telephone adaptors included upon registration with a VoIP service with a provider. The ATA can be plugged into the computer or phone line. All you need to do before placing any calls with a VoIP system is to install the required software.

IP phones, instead of connecting to a regular phone network, will be connected to a router. IP phones often look like traditional phones, making them user-friendly and convenient to use. The device will work perfectly with a VoIP service when the IP phone is connected to the router.

Computer to Computer (or Smartphone to Smartphone)

With a VoIP communication system, you can make a call from computer to computer or a computer to a smartphone. You can even call from the computer to any device that runs on an operating system that uses digital data. This includes desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

But hold on, how does this operating system really work? The system is pretty simple. All you need is a computer connected to the internet, along with a microphone, headset, or speakers. After installing the VoIP software that allows voice communication, you can now place calls. Of course, the other person you’re calling should also have the same software, Skype, for instance.

The key to placing a VoIP call over the internet is to have enough bandwidth. Your internet service should be a minimum of 100 kbps to ensure excellent voice quality. So make sure if you aim to use the VoIP service provider, request your internet provider to meet the minimum requirements.

Computer to Phone (or Vice Versa)

Of course, you can save tons of money on your monthly phone bills because you can use the VoIP system to call from your computer to a phone and vice versa. Yes, you heard that right! You can also call a computer through the system using a traditional landline. It’s amazing how fast times have changed and how convenient our communication has been.

But hold on, how exactly does this technology work? It’s pretty simple. A digital signal reaches the gateway when a VoIP call is done using a computer. Then it converts the digital data into voice data, and it works vice versa, from calling using the phone to the computer.

Additionally, it’s also possible for different VoIP users who are using phones and computers to communicate using a shared network. Although the software requirements may be a bit extensive for this kind of scenario, it’s definitely possible. You can always ask for assistance from your provider to make this possible for you.

Where to Find the Best VoIP Deals

Indeed, VoIP technology has innovated, making our communication systems more efficient, affordable, and convenient. No doubt, VoIP systems have helped businesses, government offices, and even households for the better. It’s highly reliable and much more cost-efficient.

But the question is, where can you find the best deals? Simply search for the best deals online. Make sure to compare prices, services, and bundle inclusions before making a decision. Also, make sure that the VoIP bundle you avail of fits your business or personal needs. Do your research online and compare your options.