3 Best App Builder for Your Business

Millions of apps are accessible for smartphones, devices, and desktops, with 33.6 billion apps downloaded globally in the first quarter of 2020.¹ Approximately 139 billion apps will be installed on the Google Play Store alone by 2024. It’s no secret that apps are a growing market. If you still do not have one, now is the perfect time to develop a mobile app for your business or endeavor. When you use an app builder, you don’t have to spend much time developing your own app.

However, the expense of developing a custom app can be prohibitive. The cost of hiring a skilled app developer might run as high as $10,000 or more. Even yet, you don’t have to fork out the hefty price tag. You can now design a mobile app from the ground up for a significantly lesser price using advanced app builders. Some will even perform the service for no charge. Find the most cost-effective app developers by doing an online search.

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What is an App Builder?

In other words, an app builder is a tool that guides you through the process of developing your own new app. These app builders can be applications in and of themselves. However, if you require more in-depth app building, you can utilize computer software.

The open-source software you’ll find in an app builder allows you to develop, modify, and remove features. You can customize the app’s features and settings. It’s up to an app builder to take care of the more challenging aspects of your app, like coding, scaling, or streamlining it.

You can design apps for any smartphone or operating system using an app builder. You’ll also receive assistance along the road, which is a huge plus for individuals who have ideas but aren’t sure how to put them into an app. Developing an app from scratch is significantly more straightforward and less time-consuming with this approach.

The Best App Builders to Consider

Even if your company is starting or expanding, now is the time to begin searching for an app builder. When deciding which app builder is ideal, comparing a few options is essential.

Here are some of the top app builders you can use:

1. NativeScript

NativeScript is widely regarded as one of the most excellent open source app builders currently available, allowing you to create both native Android and iOS mobile applications. TypeScript, Vue.js, and JavaScript are among the tools this well-known app developer uses when creating apps for the most widely used platforms.

Another factor why NativeScript stands out is that it’s a really well-rounded product. A pp performance analysis, in-person training, code assistance, and troubleshooting reporting are just some of the resources available to you. This app builder will assist you in learning how to create your own app while guiding you step-by-step through the process.

NativeScript gives you access to a large variety of cross-platform tools. Choose from pre-made themes or design your own unique one, access a wide range of SCC styling options, and use platform APIs directly from the code. Additionally, NativeScript is entirely free due to its open-source nature.

2. Appy Pie

Founded in India, Appy Pie is a fast-growing app development platform. This program is gaining popularity throughout the world since it is so economical. In addition, there is even a free plan that allows you to develop a mobile-friendly website without paying a cent. iOS and Android apps are available monthly if you want them. These fees range from $18 per month per app to $60 per month per app.²

Appy Pie’s unique features make the app builder worth the investment. App developers can add a wide range of features to their smartphone apps, such as in-app purchases, ebooks, databases, and more. Appy Pie lets you do everything, from selecting integrations to generating new features from the ground up. This app-building system integrates with a wide range of different accounts and prominent websites for flawless cross-platform performance.

3. GoodBarber App Builder

GoodBarber is the ideal option if you’re thinking of building an app for eCommerce or content management needs. Thanks to this app builder’s intuitive interface, beginner app developers can create sophisticated, robust mobile apps with elegant, user-friendly designs. It is, in fact, one of the most user-friendly applications out there.

With GoodBarber, you can design native apps for iOS and Android and advanced web applications. Because it uses cutting-edge mobile technology, it’s ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, content businesses like magazines, and even charities. GoodBarber is also reasonably priced, with a standard subscription costing $25 per month and a complete plan costing $48 per month.³ You can choose from various programs based on your eCommerce needs.

GoodBarber’s app builder also has the advantage of providing high-quality results. It is possible to create an app that is both extensive and simple to use. In addition, it will have a professional appearance, free of any cumbersome or substandard features.

More App Builders Can Be Found Online

It’s critical that you look into various app builders before building your app. Investing time in this research now will save you time and money in the long run. You may rest assured that your finished product and app will be perfect if you’ve selected a reliable app builder.

You can look for the perfect app builder by searching online. Some are even available in the app store on your smartphone or PC. Installing an app builder that matches your needs and your budget is all it takes to get started.

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