The 5 Best States to Retire with a Low Cost of Living


Based on the low cost of living and lesser tax burdens, Michigan is one of the top states to retire in. Regardless of its cold-weather conditions, the state has affordable healthcare as well. Retirees will find their retirement money will go further, making it affordable to buy or rent homes, pay for healthcare, and still have plenty of funds left over to enjoy leisure activities. 

In Michigan, there are plenty of activities for recreation, beautiful sceneries, and towns with a strong sense of community. If you want to live near the shore, you can choose a place at Muskegon where you can relax along the beaches of Lake Michigan. If you want to live in historic neighborhoods with affordable apartments, West Detroit is an excellent place to live in.

Housing suggestion in Michigan: Housing for rent at 12880 Southfield Fwy in West Detroit, Michigan with 2 beds and 1 bath for $101 rent a month

Affordable senior housing in Michigan

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