Beautiful Smiles for Seniors Thanks to Teeth Aligners

As you grow older, you may start to notice the changes in your body. You begin to have wrinkles, and uneven skin tone, and your hair change color. You may also notice different dental health concerns manifesting. Most seniors commonly notice a shift in their teeth. The shifting of teeth is mainly due to the bones getting weaker. A solution to this concern can be addressed with the use of teeth aligners.

Teeth aligners are considered an effective, practical, and affordable way for seniors to maintain their smiles and regain their confidence. A teeth aligner can be very helpful in maintaining good dental health. Also, having straight teeth can bring out a more youthful glow which most seniors would be happy about.

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What Are Teeth Aligners?

Unlike braces, teeth aligners are considered less intensive. A teeth aligner is designed to aid in the straightening of the teeth. Teeth aligners make use of plastic-aligning trays that puts pressure on a person’s teeth. This pressure allows the slow movement of the teeth over some time1.

The use of a teeth aligner is a discrete option compared to traditional braces. Teeth aligners can easily be removed and put back on, unlike a dental implant that’s permanent. These can be a great alternative when you want to fix your entire teeth or just a portion of them2.

A popular brand for teeth aligners that you can consider is Invisalign. You may use Invisalign teeth aligners all the time except when eating, brushing your teeth, and flossing. Also visit your orthodontist to determine how long you will need to use a teeth aligner.

You should put your teeth aligner on as often as you can if you want to see progress as soon as possible. If you frequently remove your teeth aligners, you may not see any improvements, and worse, decide not to wear them at all if you find them ineffective.

How Can Teeth Aligners Help

Wanting to have a perfect smile is a common goal for everyone. Young or old, everyone wants to have great teeth. Do you feel old enough not to have your teeth straightened out? Don’t be! No one is too old to have straightened teeth. You can gain a lot of benefits if you use teeth aligners.

The use of teeth aligners is a low-maintenance treatment to straighten crooked teeth. It is also highly effective without using braces. You don’t have to worry about uncomfortable wires or brackets that could cut up your gums. You could even expect quicker results with teeth aligners.

What’s great about teeth aligners is that it is nearly invisible. People won’t notice you are wearing one.

Different Brands of Teeth Aligners

So are you looking for the best brands for teeth aligners? Here are the best teeth aligner brands for seniors and people of all ages.


Almost nine million people have tried Invisalign teeth aligners. Invisalign teeth aligners don’t come cheap. It could cost you around $3,000 to $5,000, according to the Consumer Guide to Dentistry.

The treatment will include patients getting one-on-one care with an Invisalign partner orthodontist. They will be given customized aligners designed for their specific dental need.

There are three payment options you can choose from:

  1. A monthly payment plan with your orthodontist
  2. Through your insurance plan, and
  3. Using pre-tax dollars from your HSA or FSA. However, you should contact your insurance provider if they can pay part of the cost. Some insurance providers may cover a portion of the cost of up to $3,500.

The cost of getting Invisalign teeth aligner varies for each patient depending on the condition of their teeth and the length it will take to straighten them out. So, proper consultation with the dentist is necessary to properly assess your teeth and the total cost of your treatment.

Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club is another player in the dental market that offers affordable teeth aligners. If you decide to avail of their product and service, you are entitled to free video chats, aligner replacements, as well as treatment notifications.

Smile Direct Club offers two modes of payment for you to conveniently purchase your teeth aligner. You have the option to pay the full amount in cash, amounting to $1,950. You may also have the choice to make a deposit of $250 and pay a monthly amount of $89 for 24 months.

Smile Direct Club also accepts insurance payments. You may check with your insurance provider if they can pay for your aligners and at what percentage. Smile Direct Club also accepts CareCredit, HSA, and FSA.


Getting a teeth aligner from Candid is super easy. The first step is for you to simply take a picture of your teeth and send them the pictures for assessment. You can try Candid’s teeth aligner for $30. If in case your condition is not eligible, Candid can refund your money in full.

Candid can offer monthly payment if you decide to get teeth aligners from them. You will be asked to make a $299 down payment and pay $79 monthly. They also offer a zero percent APR plan if you choose not to give a down payment.

Candid also accepts payments through insurance providers. Some insurance providers can pay for a teeth aligner up to $1,300. It is best that you ask your insurance provider about the scope of your insurance plan.

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Final Words

Everyone has options on how to take care of their teeth. Some may opt for braces, while others may try a teeth aligner. Seniors are no different from anyone. Despite their advanced age, they too desire to straighten their teeth to look and feel good.

Many seniors may prefer a teeth aligner because they are non-invasive and affordable, which shows positive results. If you are still uncertain about teeth aligners, you may visit your dentist or orthodontist to understand what teeth aligners are, how they work, and if they give positive results.

You can use the information from this page to jump-start your search for other brands of teeth aligners. It is best to be well informed to make a wise decision in choosing the right teeth aligner for you.

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