Medicare Supplement Plans That Cover Home Care For Seniors

Below, you’ll find information that can help seniors determine if they are eligible for in-home healthcare coverage.

Medicare PART A provides coverage for hospital services, while PART B covers medical services. However, patients are responsible for paying the 10% fees that Medicare services do not cover. Medicare supplement insurance can help cover this 10% and prevent the patient from incurring debt. There are several home health care providers available, including:

  • Nurse Next Door
  • Home Instead
  • Synergy Home
  • Visiting Angels

Medicare does not typically cover the cost of home care services, but patients may be able to receive these services if they are able to pay for them entirely out of pocket. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, particularly for patients who meet certain eligibility criteria due to their deteriorating health conditions. In order to be eligible for Medicare home health services, patients must meet the following conditions:

• Homebound patient

Patients who have difficulties moving due to impairments in their body parts that hinder their mobility and require assistance from another person or devices to transport them are eligible for home care services.

• Doctor’s certification based on Diagnosis

To be eligible for home care services, the patient’s diagnosis must support the doctor’s decision that home care is the best option for their condition. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of home care for older adults. Conditions such as wound dressings, tube feeding, and intermittent injections may require skilled nursing care and medical therapy, which can be provided in the comfort of the patient’s home.

• Patient Medicare plan

When the patient paid for doctors care coupled with home care services as part of the written treatment plan.

Benefits of Home Care

• Skilled therapy services that physical therapy, speech languages, and occupation therapy

• Medical social services

• Easy access to Medio supplies and durable medical equipment

• Safety, comfort, and convenience

• Personalized care

Medical Alert Sytems With Fall Detection

As individuals age, they may experience difficulty maintaining balance and standing, particularly those with severe arthritis caused by old age. Falls can be life-threatening, especially for homebound patients with severe health conditions. To alert loved ones of such falls, a medical alert system is used, typically in the form of pendants, bracelets, or waist-mounted devices. These systems can be either wireless and automatic or manual. However, since falls can render patients unconscious, automatic medical alert systems are preferred as unconscious patients may not be able to press the alert button on manual systems.

Best Fall Detection Sensors

• GreatCall lively

• Buddi

• Bay Alarm Medical

• SureSafeGO 2′ AnyAlarm