Prices for SUVs are Declining: Check Out These Models for the Best Deals

SUV sales have dwindled over the last decade due to skyrocketing petrol prices. As families moved away from SUVs in favor of smaller, more fuel-efficient cars, a surplus of SUVs was left behind, making them ideal for seniors searching for a great deal on a big vehicle of their own.

According to The Nashville Ledger, SUV sales have recently decreased by an unprecedented 18% in 2016.¹ Demand dropped as production dwindled and prices for SUVs skyrocketed.

Despite this, SUVs have re-emerged on the highway. So, how did SUVs become more popular than they have ever been? In order to clear up space on their lots, dealerships slashed the cost of unsold inventory drastically. As a result, the price of new SUVs dropped dramatically, making them more affordable for consumers. Drivers find promotions and offer nearly everywhere they go because automakers are trying to boost SUV sales.

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SUVs Enter A New Era

Since the last decade, gas prices have been steadily falling from their peak levels. According to CNN², there has been an 11 percent drop in the price of petrol every month since April 2017, making it more economical to drive SUVs again.

However, many other factors are at play here besides low gas costs. Major automakers have discovered that, regardless of the price of gasoline, consumers do not want a large, inefficient SUV that could cost them a third of their salary to fill up.

Automobile manufacturers have responded to this need by developing a new class of SUVs and crossovers that combine the utility and comfort of an SUV with the performance and fuel economy of a car. This advancement and growing demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles prompted manufacturers to ramp up production, resulting in a glut of SUVs at many dealerships.

How to Get the Best SUV Deals for Seniors

Auto dealers who need to make room for the upcoming 2022 models are now offering discounts to new SUV buyers more than ever.

So, whether you’re looking for an SUV to take your grandchildren on a scenic cross-country drive before school begins, or you need a fuel-efficient vehicle with a lot of cargo capacity for your weekly errands around town, new deals are appearing right now.

Ford, Fiat, and Nissan offer discounts and 0% APR on some of the most popular SUV models of 2021.

  • A 60-month 0% APR is available on the 2021 Ford Escape.³
  • Fiat is offering a 0% APR for 72 months on the 2021 500X POP AWD as an incentive to buyers.
  • For up to 36 months, the 2021 Nissan Rogue Sport is offered with zero percent financing.

As reported by U.S. News, the newest Equinox, CR-V, Telluride, and Forester models from Chevrolet, Honda, Kia, and Subaru are all eligible for zero percent to 1.9% financing.

Many more are available, but these represent just a sample of what we’ve found thus far. Automobile manufacturers are always ready to provide even larger discounts on last year’s models that are still sitting on the lot as new models arrive in stores for the 2021 model year and incentives and pricing shift. According to U.S. News, discounts for SUVs vary throughout the month and even the week. Compare prices and deals before purchasing to make an informed decision.

Look around your local area to find the best bargains at local dealerships to save as much money as possible. You may be able to save much more money than in the above examples! Aside from these affordable SUVs, you should also check out the latest and most affordable Dodge Ram units!

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