Why You Should Get A Nursing Degree Now

The need for nurses has been immense, particularly in recent years. Even if you lack any prior experience in the field and have worked in a different industry for decades, you can still enroll in a 12-month program and enter the workforce as a nurse.

Obtaining a nursing degree has become more accessible and adaptable than before, with less strict and more adaptable admission requirements. Online nursing degree programs have emerged as an option for those who prefer remote learning, and “telemedicine” has made it possible to provide patient care and manage health remotely through the internet, making working from home a growing possibility.

Enjoy Job Security, Career Growth, and Flexibility with Your Career

Approximately 60% of all healthcare professionals are nurses, which makes it a significant portion of the workforce. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a shortage of nurses. Nursing ranks among the top five careers in terms of job opportunities and growth. Despite the general unemployment during the pandemic, the unemployment rate for nurses was only about 1%. All of this results in a strong sense of job security and career growth for nurses.

Moreover, the nursing profession offers high job flexibility because it’s an “employee’s market.” Nurses have a considerable degree of control over where they work, when they work, and the type of nursing work they do.

Benefits and Perks

Nursing positions not only offer competitive salaries, but also attractive benefit packages that include health insurance, pension, paid vacations, and career training and development opportunities.

One of the perks of being a nurse is job portability, meaning there are job opportunities available almost anywhere you choose to live. Many nurses also have the option of becoming full or part-time freelancers, working for themselves as contractors for insurance companies, human resource departments, private practices, and other related fields. Additionally, nursing jobs can now be performed from home through the rapidly growing field of “telemedicine”, which offers even more job portability and flexibility.

Varied and Numerous Types Of Jobs

Not only are there numerous nursing job opportunities, but there is also a wide variety of types of nursing jobs available. Nurses can work in a range of settings, including hospitals, health clinics, doctors’ offices, schools, insurance companies, and human resource departments.

Moreover, there is a diverse range of nursing specializations. Nurses can specialize in specific areas of medicine, much like doctors. Some examples include midwifery, geriatric care, pediatrics, diabetic care, and first aid care for injuries.

Job Satisfaction

Nursing is a profession that brings a great deal of job satisfaction to those who choose it. Nurses have the opportunity to not only improve the lives of others but also save lives. Their work is highly respected in the community, which adds to their job satisfaction. It’s no wonder that in numerous surveys, more than 90% of nurses reported job satisfaction as a key reason for staying in the field.

Waived Requirements for Nursing School Admission

Admission to Nursing School is a competitive process that requires applicants to demonstrate academic skills and promise through prior school grades and entrance exam results. While admission is not easy or automatic, nursing schools have recently relaxed their entrance requirements due to the severe nursing staff shortages. As a result, there are better chances of getting accepted into a nursing school now than ever before.

Completing a CNA program typically takes 54 weeks.

Telehealth (Remote) Nursing Opportunities

The nursing profession has experienced significant changes in healthcare due to the COVID pandemic. The advancement and widespread use of internet and computer technology have made “Telehealth” or remote healthcare more feasible and prevalent. COVID has accelerated this development, making it possible to treat patients efficiently and remotely. As a result, numerous new nursing job opportunities are emerging, including the ability to work from home. This is an excellent chance to participate in the early stages of this growing trend.

Government Sponsored Healthcare Training

As a response to COVID, the government has prioritized healthcare and launched various training programs in healthcare fields, including nursing. These programs aim to encourage and enable more people to become nurses by offering different kinds of financial aid. If you have been held back from pursuing a nursing degree due to the cost, now is the time to take advantage of these opportunities and make it more financially feasible.


The salaries for nurses, especially registered nurses, is very good. Statistics from 2018 show that the median annual wage for an Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)  was $46,240.  The average annual pay for registered nurses (RN) was $75,510.

In addition to these salaries, many nurses receive a generous sign-on monetary bonus as a recruitment inducement. There are also many programs where your student loan debt will be reduced or totally forgiven by becoming a nurse.