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What are the duties of a Caregiver job?

The responsibilities of a caregiver depend on the job. If you work as a home health aide or personal care assistant, your duties might include helping clients with activities such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. You might also be responsible for preparing meals, driving them places, doing their shopping, and keeping their house clean.

If you want to work in a role that involves providing medical care to patients, you must be able to administer medications and treatments, monitor and operate medical equipment, keep health records, and teach families and patients how to manage illnesses and injuries. Some caregiving occupations also involve monitoring  and providing personal care. For example, nurses give people their medicine and check their heart rates.

What Caregiver Employment Opportunities are Available?

  • There are many different places you can work as a caregiver. You can work in someone’s home, in a health care facility, at an adult daycare, at a hospice, in a retirement or assisted living community, or in an eldercare facility.
  • If you are a direct worker providing home care services, like a certified nursing assistant or home health aide, then you are entitled to minimum wage and overtime pay.

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